Adolescent Growth and Development
Your Child’s Self Esteem

The adolescent growth and development time is an important period to be building a strong foundation of self esteem. During this time, puberty will trigger a transition between the child they are and the adult they will become. Most everything will be going through profound changes, including their self-esteem.

It is during this time that they will start exploring and building on who they really are. The beliefs that they have been ingrained with as they grew, now are taking hold and molding their esteem.

A healthy sense of self esteem is important in many ways. People that hold a healthy value of themselves are more successful,they grow into responsible adults, and have the confidence to experience and try new things.

Many adolescents and young adults fight with the issues of low self esteem. Low self esteem statistics show proof that this is an area that needs work!

How can you help your adolescent?

During the adolescent growth and development time period, it helps to show your child that they are special, not only when they accomplish something that you think is good, but just because they are unique.

Make sure that they know you love them without conditions. You need to have limits, but also show respect for actions within those limits. In doing this you are showing that you respect them as a person and that they are valuable.

Make time for them. Again, this shows that you think they are valuable, valuable enough that you would schedule time with them and follow through.

Be on the watch for your negative comments. Try to make more positive comments than negative ones. Both to and around your child.

You will also need to have a healthy foundation of self esteem, for you are their greatest role model. So, respect yourself. Don’t make negative comments about, or towards, yourself either.

If you need to work in the area of improving self esteem, do so, as this will help both you and your family. You only have a short time in which to help your child build healthy self esteem and help with their adolescent development.

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best! Remember the adolescent growth and development time period doesn’t last long!

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