Struggle With A Bad Body Image
Because of Low Self Esteem?
How Can You Achieve
A Healthy Body Image?

>b?Struggling with a bad body image? Have you been wondering why? After all, you are probably a reasonable adult that knows you are more than your looks. Yet, even with having this knowledge, many people struggle with this issue. Even as we struggle, we inadvertently pass this on to other people. Time to work on a healthy image!

Past and present experiences build, then maintain, your image... the one that you carry around about yourself. Comments about weight and perfect body parts can all play an important role in the forming of your body image.

When dealing with esteem we tend to think: negative comments bad, positive comments good. Yet even comparing positive images can leave the negative impression that you only have a good body if it matches what you have decided is good. You end up falling short when this happens.

Most women have put off completely accepting and loving themselves until….they achieve their picture of a perfect body. One survey from Cosmopolitan Magazine UK states that 73% of women claim that insecurities about their bodies had a negative impact on their love life.

This is where the effects of a bad body image and the effects of low self esteem can impact all areas of someone's life. Because of a bad body image, they lack the self confidence to succeed professionally.A person's nonverbal communication:body language can undermine even the best professional efforts.

And the same negative image also causes your relationships to suffer. It even effects your daily enjoyment of life and your worth an individual.

And not just women. Men may not have as hard of a time with this, yet they also struggle. Men are more apt to accept their flaws quicker, but with the wrong attitude. It is unhealthy to just accept their pot belly and not give any effort to obtaining a more healthy weight.

The younger generation struggle also. A bad body image can attribute to eating disorders and then in turn the effects of eating disorders can create a whole new wave of bad body images. And those that suffered through high school bullying were more apt to have negative body images.

Why The Struggle With a Bad Body Image?

It is about image, but it is also about control. This society values control, and it rolls over into controlling your body. This is all aiming towards a goal of what is thought to be correct.

What is put into your body, the amount of exercise and supplements, all become a issue of control. From that point, everything is labeled good or bad. Now that main stream media is reporting all the obesity statistics it gives something else for us to try to control.

So, do you work on fixing your body or your body image?

Both. Remember, it takes a balance in all things. You need to take the time and figure out what exactly you can change, then work on that. Next, figure out what aspects you cannot change, then work on accepting those qualities. Figure out exactly what you have control over.

Your body shape is one thing that, outside of plastic surgery, you have no control over. If you have a beautiful hourglass figure, you will always have curvy hips. Best to accept this now. It will save you years of floor exercises trying to whittle them down.

Focus on your positive areas. Both mentally and physically. Learn to dress where your accentuate that which you chose to. IF you spend time around people that speak negatively about your flaws, learn to speak up or spend less time with them.

Do incorporate a more healthy lifestyle. Eat well and be physically active. When you know you are doing your best, then this will help in improving self esteem and building a healthy body image.

Remember, you are your child's biggest role model also. The mother-daughter relationship is the most influencing one she will have so pay attention to these areas. Don't pass on issues that she will then struggle with.

Teach your children to enjoy good, healthy food, but also to be active. Help them avoid a bad body image.

Changing your thought pattern, then allowing yourself to give up control in some areas won't be easy, but it will be so worth it!

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best!

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