Bully-type situation in Hawaii

by David
(Los Oganos, Peru)

When his mother and I divorced, my son came to live with me and my new wife for a time on the Big Island, Hawaii. When he was 15, he ran into problems in high school there. He would come home, go in his room and shut the door. Finally we found out why this change in his way of acting. Since he was the unusual one in his high school - blonde hair and blue eyes - the local girls took a liking to him. The local boys, already predisposed against "haoles," white people from the mainland, got upset and started shoving him around in the hallways.

When we asked our son about reporting it to the school authorities, he said that was impossible. They would not be able to do anything unless he identified the boys responsible.

However, as my son related, if he did that they would catch him in town and really hurt him. So reporting the abuse was not really an alternative.

Fortunately, in his case, there was a way out. Go back to California to live with his mother, which he did.

Good ending though. He later moved back to Hawaii to the island of Kauai and has been living there for many years now and gets along fine.

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Jan 18, 2012
by: dakota07

This must be difficult for you since your son is being bullied. No parents would want that for their child. Bullies really have no conscience. They should be reprimanded or punished. Sending them to a boot camp for their misdeeds will surely make them think that what they are doing is wrong. I don't condone bullying and so should everyone else. :(

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