What are the causes
of low self esteem?

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The causes of low self esteem can range from insecurities about your abilities, the beliefs that you just are not very valuable, or it may date back to situations that happened during your childhood. You will see that some things were beyond your control and some situations you may have contributed to.

This is truly a silent epidemic, as most people do not realize the core cause of personal issues.

What issues?

  • Bad relationships
  • Poor work history
  • Shyness
  • Anxiety

Not always, but very often, a lower self esteem contributes greatly to these problems. The problem is seen as external, so most people never get to the core. They never resolve anything and the cycle continues.

So, it would be to your benefit to search out the cause, deal with it, and start improving your self esteem.

Self Esteem~Children

There are some common themes when dealing with self esteem and a child. You realize that the more widely known would be abuse. Physical, emotional, and verbal. These can quickly erode a child's esteem, and that is carried into adult hood.

Other lesser known situations would be:

Parents insensitivity:

To many details in front of little ears. Parents really need to watch what they say about physical looks and intelligence.

Another situation is with young children, parents (including relatives), and the media.


   Shows like The Miss America Pageant: Adults often commenting on their opinion of the contestants beauty or talent.

   Advertisements: You too can have beautiful hair.

This sends a message to the young that beauty is very important. Most parents do not screen this constant message to their children. A child is left with the wrong importance of beauty, from the world, and from their parents.


Parents are under immense pressure. Unfortunately this gets passed on to their children, often left with the impression that their mom/dad doesn't want them around, or that they are a bother to the parents. This gets embedded into their esteem. I am a bother.


At times parents can transfer guilt to their child. The fact that they gave up so much to be a parent, or the money the child needs to participate in school activities. Whatever the reason, the guilt quickly lowers their esteem.

Your Contributions:

Other causes of low self esteem are a person's own laziness. They just don't forth the effort when needed and later reaping the consequences. Schooling may be one of those choices. As a young adult, high school or college may have been neglected and during the later years, their esteem plummets because of the lack of education.

Substance abuse can be another cause of low esteem. Again personal choices have consequences, and substance abuse has many. If you have a criminal record, then you most likely will have to actively work on your esteem

When you look at the causes of low self esteem, and those that a person may cause themselves, it all goes back to choices.

Today is a new day! Make the positive choice to actively boost your esteem.

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best!

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