Help Your Daughters Self Esteem

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Need ways to help your daughters self esteem? You have the best way to help her already at hand!

Any parent wants the very best for their daughter.  With today’s media continually blasting their perfect body image, it’s no wonder why our girls have such a hard time with this!

Self esteem is the value that we place on our self, based on our beliefs and our opinions.  It’s a fact that our young daughters have a tainted view as to beauty and the ideal young woman because of the daily bombardment that the media feeds them with.  

Self esteem is a vital part in having good mental and emotional health.  In brief, this helps your daughter have confidence in herself and helps her to make positive decisions in regards to peer pressure.  Having a good foundation of self worth will ensure that she has the tools to make the transition into adulthood.

We could go into quite a long article about everything you could do to help your daughter get and to maintain a positive self image.  And I do encourage you to read up on the subject, especially if you feel that your daughter may have some problems with her esteem.  It is never to late to find help on this subject.

I do want to equip you with the best tip that I have found that can start this process.  This tip is simple, maintain a healthy self esteem yourself!  Set an example.  As much as your daughter may deny it, she does watch, and she emulates your actions.  Your choice of actions have had a bearing on her actions from early on.  

If you are not happy with your looks, if you find yourself standing in front of the mirror, being overly critical in your body image, then chances are very good that your daughter is also.  Take a moment and think about it.  The very things that your daughter is saying about her view of herself, could be the words she has learned from how you view yourself.  

You are the most important and powerful model in her life.  You must show self-acceptance and self-appreciation in your life. This behavior will flow to your daughters.  It won’t happen over night, but if you continue being positive, then you are teaching her to accept and be positive with her image.

This is the best thing that you can offer.  While the media is showing them one form of beauty, then you must be a good role model and teach them another.

I will state again that it would help tremendously for you to read up on this subject.  Incorporate all that you can in order to completely help your daughters self esteem, but do not neglect to recognize the most important model she has, and that is you!

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