Effects of Eating Disorders
On Your Self Esteem

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The effects of eating disorders can range from heart and kidney damage to hair loss and brittle bones. Yet, the effects can and often do go deeper than the physical.

This article is not meant to minimize any physical issues that come with an eating disorder. Any physical ailment should be treated by a medical professional along with the eating disorder. Yet, it would do an injustice to stop treatment with just treating the physical.

A complete treatment should also include the mental issues as well.

The mental side effects of eating disorders can, and often are, mistaken for the same ones that seemingly caused the disorder. And, yes, they indeed may be the same esteem issues that originally caused the disorder, yet, those issues may have taken on deeper implications.

A low self esteem could have possibly played a role in the formation of this disorder. These issues may have stemmed from peer pressure as well as pressure from family.

A good treatment plan will address the mental health of a person dealing with any type of eating disorder, such as poor esteem and poor self confidence. Other issues that may arise from effects of eating disorders are depression, OCD, and, unfortunately esteem that ends up lower than before.

This can turn into a vicious cycle:

Low esteem--->Eating disorder--->Lower esteem--->Greater Disorder

As a person succumbs to this cycle, it becomes their main focus in their thoughts and in their life. Long hours are spend obsessing about weight, planning meals, and social situations. They often neglect social activities because they do not want to upset their structured routine and possibly losing what ground that they think they may have gained.

At the same time, they are torn emotionally between healthy choices and what they perceive are better choices for them. Again, it becomes a vicious cycle, one of wanting to do right, and failing; then wanting to do better, and failing once again.

This is why professional help is often necessary. It is not enough to tell someone who struggles with eating disorders that they need to eat better.

I urge you to seek medical attention if you struggle with this. If you know someone, then, with love, help them to get the help that is needed. The effects of this disorder will only grow worse with time.

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best!

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