What are the effects
of low self esteem?
Bad Relationships?
Trouble at Work?

The effects of low self esteem can have you feeling inadequate. But, the deeper effects can do more than leave you with a bad feeling. The effects can manifest in your relationships, work, and even your success, or lack of success. Also a lack of confidence and some social anxiety are other areas where the effects can be seen. And as shown by low self esteem statistics, many people struggle daily with this.



What are some Effects?  

Disrespect: Do you disrespect yourself? You will have to learn to respect yourself before you can expect anyone else to. You actually teach people how to you want to be treated by the current actions you accept. If you don’t respect yourself, then they will continue this treatment, thus adding to the effects of low self esteem. 

How can you show yourself respect? Don’t insult yourself, be honest, take care of your body and personal appearance, and have your own opinion--- for starters.

Do not allow other people to disrespect you. This will be hard. You need to be able to tell someone what is acceptable and what is not. In all seriousness, if you have this situation, take time and figure out an appropriate response. then practice saying it, until it becomes natural. 

Lack of Confidence: If you are afraid to stand up for yourself or your beliefs, this will trickle in to the areas mentioned. Your work and personal relationship will suffer due to this lack. Take the time and work on building your confidence up. Don’t aim for this to happen overnight. Any permanent change takes time, so work on building your self confidence daily. 

Fear of change: Well, fear of anything really. When you have negative thoughts running through your mind, as is common with people that struggle with low self esteem, it creates an atmosphere of fear. Fear of change, fear of failure….each of these will hinder your personal and work relationships and hinder success.

You may need help in improving your self esteem. Don't let that stop you. Figure out a plan and get started!

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best!

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