What is Ego Strength?
Can it help your low self esteem?

A basic definition of ego strength would be having a a positive sense of who you are, positive enough to feel ok about it. You understand your capabilities and have come to terms with them.

Ego strength is obtained by outside forces, defining us and giving us a sense of worth. It is common to feel warm and fuzzy if we have the opinion that we are better than others. This may not be the correct thing to do, but none-the-less, it does tend to make us feel better. Because of this, we compare ourselves continually. Are we smarter, richer, better looking? Does this make you have low self esteem?

Before we have the childlike innocence of a healthy self esteem, we had no ego. In one of the youngest stages we did not see our self as a separate unit. As we grew, we then begin to learn that we were an individual, separate from our mother.

At that point, our ego begins to grow and take form as we developed mentally and physically. As we matured mentally we began to have a better grasp on reality. Our fairy tales didn’t make everything better, and our ego grew.

It either grew into a weak ego, or into a strong ego. The strength can go both ways. Yes, a paradox, you can have a weak ego strength!

A weak ego is one where a person does not have a sense of self that faces reality and deals with it properly. It has a tendency to fight reality and has unrealistic expectations. Because of this a person tends to avoid encounters of this type. The weaker the ego, the more that a person runs from reality or turns to addictions.

A strong ego is where a person accepts their reality, explores any situation that causes frustration and explores it, knowing that they can deal with it. A person does not tend to personalize things that are done or said. The strong the the sense of ego, the greater the ability to handle life’s situations.

You should work on building your ego or maintaining it on a continual basis. Accept the fact that you are an individual person that has special qualities to offer yourself and others. Learn to be yourself and develop inner strength.

Recognize where you are good at and work to become better in this area and learn to be comfortable with it.

Learn to accept and understand reality, what is going on around you, because only then can you make the proper decisions to deal with situations that will come up.

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best! Done correctly, your ego strength will be fantastic!

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