What is Emotional Insecurity?
Another Self Esteem Issue?

The best way to understand emotional insecurity is to look at it backwards. Really. Turn it inside out and look at it backwards.

Security. Feeling loved. Feeling accepted. Confidence in your abilities and comfortable in your surrounds. Safe.

Now it's easier to see it backward, or opposite from feeling loved and accepted. 

Emotional Insecurities. The emotions that flow from the impressions and feeling of being insecure, of being afraid. Afraid of being unloved. Afraid of being unaccepted. Afraid that your abilities won't be good enough.  

Emotional insecurity can stem from low self esteem, in not having value in yourself.  

You may feel that you don’t deserve to be loved. You may feel that you can’t be accepted. You may feel a large range of negative emotions and most of them will lower your value, your self-worth. 

If a person has the impression of being a failure, and they are also struggling with emotional insecurities, they can lack the very confidence in finding a solution to their dilemma. It is a discouraging situation to be in, as their self esteem is based on perceived, not necessarily factual, opinions.  

Theses opinions have created a roadblock, but one that is usually made of falsehoods and half truths. Breaking down this roadblock will enable someone to continue on to greater success and robust self esteem. 

How to Break the Roadblock? 

Make a plan to work on your personal development. Work each day on improving self esteem. It will not be an overnight change, but little by little, you should start seeing positive results.

You are simply going to have to reprogram your brain with the correct thinking pattern. Start by doing some simple self esteem exercises, or other ways to improve self esteem.

In developing your esteem and confidence, this will help you to begin to feel secure. It will help to get the backward, front ways again.

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best!

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