few things from me :)

by Ashley
(Highland, AR)

I have been told that I have a very upbeat and bubbly personality. I gain confidence in myself when I remind myself there is no one out there like me! If it is different, you can almost guarantee I am going to try it out. When you have confidence in yourself, everyone else can see it and appreciates it, which in turn gives you more confidence - it's a good cycle to get in too.

Whenever I am feeling down or in a bad mood, turning my music on really loud is the first thing I do. I have a certain playlist on my laptop, or a favorite CD I will pop in on full volume and just let it drown out all the negativity I am feeling.

I also always try to look my best, no matter if I am just running to the store. Now, I'm not talking about putting on a full face of makeup or my best outfit... but you would be surprised how much putting on a little mascara and curling my eyelashes does to my attitude! If I feel like I look pretty, then I have a more positive attitude about myself!!

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