High School Bullying
A Classic Case of Low Self Esteem

High school bullying….it’s a lot more than you think. Social, mental, physical, or even cyber – it all plays a part in a teens self esteem.

High school bullying happens, everyday.

Over 160,000 students skip school EACH DAY to avoid being bullied.

6 out of 10 teens witness bullying at least once a day.It now takes on multi forms and most aren’t seen as bullying.

Social- This shows in snubbing or exclusion. It can happen at school during lunch or after school, such as at a party. (This type happens more with teen girls.)

Mental-or emotional bullying is where one or more teens gain control by name-calling, sarcasm, incessant teasing, threatening, mocking, putting down, belittling, ignoring, and lying.

Cyber bullying- When a teen uses technology to torment, harass, humiliated or target another.

Physical—well, this is the more traditional form. Pushing, shoving….any physical contact made falls into this category.

When looking at how high school bullying and teen self esteem interact, you need to understand that both the bully and the one being bullied can suffer from lower self esteem.

The Bully

Some teens act out because of low esteem or low self-worth. They feel better when in control or if they can make someone have a lower self-worth than them. Do they understand the reasons? No. They are just manifesting a deeper problem. A deep seated need to be in control or to make someone feel inferior to them.

The Bullied

Teens that are bullied may in some way be different. That’s how the bully picks them out. It can be a physical difference, or the bully may sense an emotional weakness.

Low self esteem often plays a part with those being bullied. They can end up losing esteem because of the mistreatment or their weakness may be low self esteem to begin with.

If your teen is a bully, or you suspect that they engage in any form of mistreatment, then professional counseling is strongly suggested.

If your teen has suffered some form of high school bullying, then you may need to step in and help them regain their self respect and self esteem.

Teach them to walk with confidence and coach them to hold their head up, back straight, and take assertive steps. This can be a big factor if a bully thinks your teen has a weakness.

Cyber and social bullying is somewhat more difficult to handle. Being shunned, even as adults is very disheartening. Again, coach them to act with confidence. Remind them where they are accepted and be patient.

If your teen is being bullied by means of technology, then do whatever it takes to help them regain control. Block numbers to end nasty texts, and do the same with emails.

If authorities need to be involved, to not hesitate to do so. We have all seen the news that some girls have chose to end their life because of this form of bullying.

This is where communication with your teen is of utmost importance. Talk to them, and above all, take the time to listen. Have them know that they did nothing wrong, and they did nothing to deserve such treatment.

High school bullying is never fair, Not Ever. You can help your teen by teaching them to maintain good self esteem as they go through this, using it as a learning experience.

Remember, teach by example. You will need to have good self esteem before you can help your teen with their self esteem.

Have You Had a Child With a Bully Problem?

Would love to hear if you had a situation where your child dealt with a bully! What helped, and the outcome! Please share it with us!

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