Is High Self-Esteem The Answer
For Low Self-Esteem?


High self-esteem may not be the perfect answer for the person that struggles with low self esteem issues. Unfortunately, many people aim for achieving higher esteem instead of correctly aiming for healthier esteem.

What's the big difference?

For the most part, maybe 95%, there really isn't. But for the remaining 5%, high self-esteem may bring about it's own set of negative issues. 

Self esteem is the value that you place in your own self and your abilities. If lower esteem means a low value, then a problem with high self esteem is placing too much in your own self and your abilities. A person compares their talents and abilities to others and continually finds themselves at an advantage. This just isn’t statistically correct. A person is never continually superior in all that they do.  

Take a look at the following examples of this extreme: 

Superior attitude -- a person may feel their ability is superior to others, to the point that they verbally degrade another's opinions or beliefs. 

Blindness -- to one's on faults. You have to accept yourself in all forms. Not just chose what you value and what you would like to ignore. 

Dependence -- on regularly fueling their esteem. Each challenge must be won, as they cannot tolerate any failure.  

There are other issues to face when someone struggles with low self-esteem and slowly begins the battle to raise it. Goals are set and achieved. Life is going well. Then something may happen and a goal isn’t met. At that point, is becomes a true battle, for it is in continuing on, forging through the defeat, that a person attains healthy esteem.  

Fragile high self-esteem cannot take the pressures of defeat. Aim for healthy esteem, learn to roll with both the good and the bad and you should not have to worry about the issues that come with over inflated esteem!

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best!

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