How to Build Self Confidence

How to build self confidence may seem like a simple question, with a short, easily applied answer…but with most things, it is not that easy.

Most of the self-help information on the market today makes it seem as though the process is quick and easy. As you well know, few things are actually quick and easy. (And most of those can’t even be mentioned on this page.)

But if you want to be more confident, it is worth the time, effort, and expense to pursue this endeavor.

Why? Simple…..

Confidence breeds success!

Self confidence is not quite the same as self esteem. It simply means having trust in your abilities, whatever they may be at the time.

A great example would be public speaking! Some people have absolutely no confidence in themselves or their ability to speak in front of any number of people. While others, although nervous, have gained enough trust in their ability that they have no problem with this task.

Do you have the faith that you can accomplish the project or task that you have been given? Understand that each day you may see a level in your confidence, but your overall picture of your ability is what can either help you succeed or contribute to your failure.

This faith of success has enabled many people to do what at first looked like impossible jobs. So, it would benefit you to build your confidence.


Start by gaining confidence with small projects or improvements. Once your faith in yourself begins to grow, you can then tackle larger tasks. It is much like a muscle….if you wish it to become stronger, exercise and use it.

Always think on the positive side! Train your thoughts to be more uplifting and you will soon see your confidence rise.

Act as if you already have the confidence to get the job done! This small piece of advice has helped me in numerous situations! I simply fake it! I act, dress, and become what I need to be at the time and…. You guessed it, I actually gained what I needed by doing that!

Lastly, study! If at all possible, take the time and learn all you can about the situation that you need help in! You will be amazed at how this can added extra confidence!

Applying the above tips should quickly answer the question of how to build self confidence.

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