Help Your Husbands Self Esteem

You can help raise your husbands self esteem!

But before I dive into this article I want to make it very clear that I believe each person is responsible for his or her self esteem.  That being said, I also believe that we can have a direct impact on our husband’s self esteem!

To often we put off doing the correct thing by excusing it away.  We easily fall into the trap of saying that we are not responsible for some ones attitude or their mental health.  While this is a correct statement, we must also take the responsibility of how our actions can and do affect other’s attitudes or self esteem.

If you think that your husband has low esteem, I would not suggest that you talk to him about it.  Not at first, unless he has opened the subject up for discussion. Some one that has lower esteem often takes many things, although said in a helpful way, negatively.   You can do more by apply these techniques than by talking about the issue.  After all, he may not even realize that he is dealing with low self esteem!

One tip to keep in mind is to watch your attitude and they way that you talk with him and to him.  It would be foolish to constantly say negative things toward our husbands and then state that their low esteem is completely their problem.  I have realize, to my shame, that a day or two has gone by without my saying anything positive to or towards my husband.  

Take the time to recall all that he does that makes you happy.  Bring those things into your conversations with him.  Let him know how much you appreciate some of the things that he does, especially the little things!  How long has it been since you have cooked your husbands favorite dessert?  This week is a good week to do it!  Show him how much you value him by doing small things..

When he begins speaking negatively, respond with positive statements.  It will do both you and your husband good if you can keep a positive attitude during this time. (It may be hard, but it is crucial in helping to raise your husbands self esteem.)

An important thing you can do is to make sure that your self esteem is doing good.  This not only helps you, but your husband and your family also.  By having a high self esteem, you will be more positive and create a good atmosphere.  This sets the stage for everyone else around you.  Attitudes are easy to catch, so get a head start by making sure you have a good positive attitude.

The best that you can do is set an example.  Self esteem is the value you have in yourself.  To help your husbands self esteem, you must show him that you have, not only a high value of yourself, but also a high value of him.  You can help tremendously in this way.  Show him that he is a person of value and then he will begin to value himself!

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