Identity and Self Esteem
How are they related?

Identity and self esteem are very closely related. To understand how one affects the other, let's take a closer look at what identity is.

Merriam-Webster's online reference defines identity as the distinguishing character or personality of an individual.

So if identity and self esteem are related, your identity, or what you identify with can either positively or negatively affect your self esteem.

How so?

Let's take a look at what adults(well let's say humans because teens have identity issues also) identify themselves by.

Body Image

And the list can go on forever…..but you get the point.

We, as humans, love having labels or categories for everything. And once we decide what category to use, we quickly find a rating system, a scoring system, any system.....just as long as we can do something with what we have!

While you may not have issues with some identity points…...say for instance, body image… other points could still possibly be a defining center for you. Like finances, or net worth.

This does tend to differ between men and women. Men usually identify more with things that they do, like work or accomplishments, while women identify more with what's going on with the emotional side, like relationships.

When what you identify with goes well, your self esteem shoots up. If those things aren't going so great, well…. You may suffer with lower self esteem during this time.

Fair, not hardly.

But, it's not your fault, or it didn't start out your fault! You were wired to use preconceived opinions and beliefs when assessing your self worth, or your self esteem. Some things have been hard wired into your sub-conscience long before you became aware of it!

You probably don't even realize how the category of relationships and your rating system were formed.

But regardless, this system of beliefs and how you think you measure up has a direct bearing on your self-esteem.

It would benefit you to think about what you identify with and then think on your rating system.

An example?

A housewife. Simple right? Not if you think that a "good" housewife keeps a perfectly tidy home with dinner on the table at 5pm sharp. And it's so not simple if you fall short of this super housewife person that only exists on the pages of fiction novels.

With those opinions firmly in place you have started down a long road, one marred with self esteem issues.

Now you can see how identity and self esteem are related. And that is a great place to start working on yours!

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