Improving Self Esteem?
It Can Be Done!

Improving self esteem ---easier said than done? Not really. It will take work, but it is doable.


You have finally decided that you need to work on your esteem. Whether it is for personal reasons, to gain an advantage at work, or just to better yourself, working on your self esteem is a project worth undertaking.  

You know that having a lower self esteem has stopped you from being and doing your best. So, the opposite must hold true. A higher since of esteem, a healthy esteem, will help you achieve a higher level of satisfaction in your life.

A balanced since of self-worth is vital in today’s society. Having it unbalanced, overly low, or to high, can stop you cold in your tracks. We all know that one person which has a totally inflated ego. People usually don’t speak overly highly about them, do they?

Balance is important! So make sure you are improving self esteem in the right direction!

How To Go About Improving Self Esteem?

Good question. First you need to take note on where your esteem is the weakest. We all have personal areas where our esteem is lower. The challenge is in not listening to the outside voices, but learning to hear your own voice, and what it is saying about yourself. This is best way to do a self esteem inventory.

A basic thing to remember is that self esteem is based on opinions, and you know that we all have different ones. These opinions, factual or not, mold the value you hold of yourself.

So you start by asking why you have lower values of yourself in certain areas. Just being general and saying that you have lower self esteem, then stopping there, won’t help you. You will need to be more focused, possibly with some self esteem activities, to help you see the larger picture.

You may need to work on your assertiveness and self esteem in your personal and professional relationships. Not having a healthy dose of assertiveness can hinder you in most every area.

There are many ways to improve self esteem.

Improving Self Esteem

All of them may work, but not every one of them will be right for every person. It will take some reading and searching on your part, in order to find the correct method to help you in improving your self esteem. It will also help to try and choose a method that meets your learning style.

Joining a self help group won’t do much good if you are uncomfortable talking with many people. And if you aren’t a reader, then getting the newest book isn’t such a great idea.

Self esteem affirmations are a proven tool in improving self esteem. It is also wise to learn to incorporate them into your daily life to maintain a health esteem.

Another popular tip that is extremely helpful is to write or print out quotes on self esteem and then place them where they will be seen often throughout the day. Personally I like to do this, as it helps remind me to think more positive and keep a better attitude during the day.

There are many self esteem books that you can purchase. But you will need to be motivated enough to read them, and then apply what you have read. Sometimes it is also helpful to enlist a friend or someone you trust to hold you accountable.

You may want to think about your nonverbal communication:body language also. This gives an important first impression to others of how you truly feel about yourself. Look at some examples of body language ans see if you have been unconsciously projecting poor self esteem or self confidence.

Don’t give up though. Find what works for you and keep working on it! Everything that you do, no matter how small, is a step closer in improving self esteem and in becoming the person that you want to be.

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