The Law of Averages

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What is the law of averages, and, more important, can it help you boost your self esteem?

If you have spent a significant time in the study of self improvement, you may have come across, what I like to call, the theory of “The Law of Averages”. While this looks like a simple concept, you really should take time to grasp this and see how it applies to your life. Then see how you can take the same theory and use it to boost your self esteem and self improvement.

If you are not familiar with the Law of Averages, let me explain it. You are the average of the company you keep. Simple enough, right? Well, let’s see how this actually breaks down.

We can look at many areas, but I will focus on just a couple. First one being your finances or your prosperity. The late Jim Rohn wrote that your income will become the average sum of your five closest friends. You know, the people that you hang around with the most. (It amazes me that we often chose to spend a large amount of time with certain people, yet fail to claim them as friends!)

Now, we could also add other areas, but let’s just look at one more....your mental outlook on life, or your attitude.

If you are wanting to improve in this area, it will benefit you to look at your companions closely. How is their mental outlook? It is near impossible to mathematically figure out the average sum of an attitude, but you get the picture. You might start by rating the attitude of your friends on a scale. Ten being the most positive and one being the proverbial bug on the windshield. Where do you rate? And, the next big question, how about your friends?

This article could roll over into the power of influence quickly, but I just want to grab your attention on the Law of Averages. You will pick up their attitudes, thoughts, and opinions about all sorts of things. The people that you choose to hang with will have a direct bearing on your income, health, and attitude whether you realize it or not.

I am sure, without me even asking you to, that you have already named your fave, how are their attitudes? Positive or Negative? Is it always doom and gloom or do they offer positive feedback?

You have a few choices at this point. If you have someone in your life that constantly brings negativity with them, you may want to lessen the amount of time that you spend in their company. This won’t be easy, but for your own mental health, it is very important.

Some friends, you will find, will be better in smaller doses. You may be able to visit with them on occasion, but let’s face it, not an extended weekend. Remember, their attitudes and mindsets are contagious! Smaller is sometimes better!

One last thing that you can do is to start spending time with people that have the qualities you want to strengthen in yourself. Arrange to spend more time with these types of people. You will soon find these qualities growing in you!

Search them, I didn’t say stalk, but actively be on the lookout for people that are successful and outgoing. These types of persons usually like to mentor others.

So, if you want to see a change in yourself, if you don’t want low self esteem any more, look closely at those in whom you spend the most time with. We need friends that make us feel challenged, encouraged, and refreshed!

Then pay it forward and become that type of friend and mentor to someone else. Your life, including your finances, health, and your attitude, will soon take a more successful path.

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