What Are Low Self Esteem Signs?
How Will This Lower
Your Self-Worth?

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Low self esteem signs, there are quite a few. While these signs may show a possible issue with low esteem, it is not foolproof by any means. But, if you have some of the more common signs, you may want to investigate further.

Fearing criticism is common in most people, after all, who really likes to have things picked apart. But a person with lower esteem not only fears criticism, they takes it personally. They cannot separate the criticism from themselves. If a project at work is being reviewed, they will take any criticism as a reflection on their self-worth. Hence, people try not to be put in that situation, often passing on job or personal challenges because of the fear.

You need to realize that criticism of one thing is not criticism of yourself as a whole. Learn to separate your outcomes from yourself. A failure does not insinuate that you are a failure, as well as a victory does not insinuate the opposite.

This brings us to another common sign of low self esteem. The blame game. People that struggle with esteem issues may quickly pass blame, often in the form of complaints.

Learn to stop any complaints cold. One rule of thumb: if you have a complaint, present a solution. Take responsibility!

Dependence on others for acceptance. Some people may need this in order to accept them selves, or to feel worthy. Learn to be comfortable with your decisions and leave it at that. Do not seek acceptance or validation from others. Remember, each person has an opinion, which could very well differ from yours. You could search for quite awhile to find someone with your same opinion.

Guilt is another low self esteem sign. How so? When something great happens in your life, you feel guilty and have a hard time enjoying it. It is almost as if you think you don’t deserve good things.

Nonsense! You deserve the very best that life has to offer. But life does not hand you this without work!

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best!

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