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Low Self Esteem Statistics

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Low self esteem statistics are hard to come by and not easy to validate. One reason is that quite a large number of people struggle with this issue, yet never seek help. That's a really sad statement because help for low self esteem can easily be found.

The percentages that continually pop up are unfortunate when you realize what large numbers that they actually represent in real people with real issues.

If you struggle with low self esteem, I hope this will help show that you aren't alone in your battle. These statistics show time and again that there are real issues, and they are found in every generation.

If you can help yourself, and, in turn help the next generation, then we will All benefit from it, and maybe some of the low self esteem statistics will start to drop.

Forty percent of girls with low self-esteem vs eighteen percent of those with high self-esteem, said they had experienced sex before ninth grade. "Self-Esteem & Sex: How Boys and Girls Differ" , Indiana University Medicine Media Relations,

Girls' self-esteem peaks when they are 9 years old, then takes a nose dive," clinical psychologist Robin F. Goodman writes on the New York University Child Study Center Web site. CAROL MCGRAW, "Media, hormones, peer pressure do a number on girls' confidence", The News-SEntinel, Mon, Jul. 31, 2006

Girls were particularly likely to be critical of themselves, and one-quarter of older girls reported that they did not like or hated themselves. In contrast, only 14 percent of boys said they felt this way.(SOURCE: JANE E. BRODY, "Personal Health: Girls and Puberty:the Crisis Years", Women's Health,

14% of Botox injections given to 19-34 age group, seeking “preventative treatments” [American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery]

Covington(1989) reported that as the level of self-esteem increases, so do achievement scores; as self-esteem decreases, achievement scores decline. Furthermore, he concluded that self-esteem can be modified through direct instruction and that such instruction can lead to higher self esteem and academic achievement.

If you are a teacher, or work with kids,then you can possibly see the benefit of working with some basic self esteem lesson plans. or how about trying some self esteem activities.

These also fell into the low self esteem statistics:

Alcoholism: A False Stigma: Low Self-Esteem the True Disease, (1996) Candito reports, "Those who have identified themselves as "recovered alcoholics" indicate that low self esteem is the most significant problem in their lives. Low self-esteem is the true problem and the true disease. Alcohol is but a symptom of an alcoholic’s disease."

Kaplan (1975) conducted extensive studies into the causes of violence, including a study of 7,000 7th graders, and underscores the significance of self-esteem as a factor in crime and violence. He, too, found that violations to self-esteem serve as a major source of hostility and aggression.

Hayes and Fors (1990) report that lower self-esteem is often an antecedent to the engagement in premarital sexual relationships and is more likely to be responsible for teen pregnancies than any other single factor. They found that as self-esteem decreases, sexual attitudes and behavior become more permissive.

Statistics from a study with 3,400 12th grade high school boys: 6.6% reported having resorted to steroids; more than two-thirds of the boys started [...] Those at risk include boys who have been teased as a child about being too fat or too short. The boys at highest risk are those who base their self-esteem solely on how they look. Nancy Clark, MS, RD April 2004, The Athlete's Kitchen,

Girls whose families criticize their weight, or their eating habits, may develop lasting problems with bad body image and self-esteem, a new study suggests. [...] Researchers found that of 455 college women with poor body image, more than 80 percent said their parents or siblings had made negative comments about their bodies during childhood. (SOURCE: "Family's weight comments harm girls for years" Reuters,

Boys'self-esteem declines more after divorce than girls." (SOURCE: Hilda Rodriguez and Chandler Arnold, "CHILDREN & DIVORCE: A SNAPSHOT", October 1998, There are plenty of self esteem statistics. The infortunate part is, don't have to look very far to find some of the people that are part of those numbers.

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best! Don't add to the Low Self Esteem Statistics!

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