Low Self Esteem
Effects and Symptoms
of Low Self Esteem


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Low self esteem is the negative value that we have of our self as a whole. This value is based on our opinions and beliefs. Beliefs that can be true and correct, or more commonly, incorrect. Unfortunately we do not take the time to challenge our beliefs to see if they are indeed true. We tend to take them at face value, and accept them without argument.


Low self esteem signs can manifest in many different ways. While these signs may show a possible issue with esteem, they do not offer concrete proof of low esteem. If you have some of the more common ones, you may want to investigate further though. From fearing criticism to constant complaining, symptoms of low self esteem are internal, external, verbal, and physical. But remember, you must be able to answer the question of

what is low self esteem, before you can work on fixing it!


Signs and symptoms are one thing, but the effects of low self esteem are another issue, because these can be detrimental. The effects can leave you feeling inadequate. But, the true effects can do more than leave you with a bad feeling. They can debilitate you, interfere with your relationships, and stop your career dead cold in it’s tracks.


Causes of low self esteem can range from insecurities about your abilities, the beliefs that you are not very valuable, or the causes may date back to situations that happened during your childhood.

You will see that some things in your past were beyond your control and some situations here in the present you have contributed to. The trick here is to distinguish past from present, what you have control over, and then make positive changes.


Low self esteem statistics are hard to come by and not easy to validate. One reason is that quite a large number of people struggle with this issue, yet never seek help. The research that has been done, and the findings, is a clear indicator that many people, in every walk of life, have esteem problems.

Overcoming Low Self Esteem

A person that struggles with esteem issues is in a daily mind battle. Questions and statements constantly weave through the thoughts. Am I good enough? I can't do this job. I am stupid.


self esteem affirmaitons can help tame the mine field that you face each day.

Overcoming low self esteem takes work, but the great thing is that now there are self help books and courses available. Simple

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