Martial Arts Are Good For The Mind And Body

by Tom
(New Zealand)

I spend a lot of time on the computer each day... which is very draining on my body and mind. After a long day at the computer I just don't feel right. I feel distant and I don't feel like communicating with other people...which only makes things worse!

But it's lucky I have an outlet. Something to revitalise and renew.

The thing I find most therapeutic and uplifting is Kempo

Kempo is a martial art that I practice.

The physical trainings are intense and they make me sweat like crazy. Every single time I finish them, I feel amazing. They clear out all the cobwebs and make me feel alive again.

Besides the physical benefits they also instill self-confidence and self-discipline. They give me strength of mind and body.

I love Kempo! :)

Fitness Training At Home!

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