What's This???

Self-concept, self esteem…… it can all seem the same, but they are not. Self-concept is what you understand about your self, your unchanging characteristics.

How you feel about these characteristics may change from day to day, or hour to hour. But, you still hold a basic understanding about them.

Need an example?

If you are shy, you understand this characteristic about yourself. You have a conception, or understanding of your shyness. Do you always like the fact that you are shy? It depends on the day, the social depends on quite a few factors.

But if you have ingrained beliefs that shy people are of less value than outgoing, social people, then this opinion (whether right or wrong) will have a bearing on your self esteem.

Ahhhh, now you are getting a better picture of things!!

Your self concept can change over time as you grow and learn things about yourself. You can begin to be more outgoing, therefore changing that characteristic.

Nothing is completely set in stone when it comes to dealing with your mental thinking. If you are tall, you will most likely remain tall. But, if you are shy, you can remain shy ... or work towards becoming more outgoing.

And how outgoing of a person you want to be is entirely up to you. It may be your goal to simply feel comfortable in social situations, or you may choose to become the belle of the ball!

The main point here is your self esteem and the concept that you have of yourself can be changed.

Especially if you are dealing with lower self esteem. Yea, you will have to settle for being tall, but never settle for low self esteem!

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