What Is Self-Deprecation?
Do You Struggle With
An Inferiority Complex?

Self-deprecation is a form of low self esteem. A person that struggles with this though, takes on a more verbal manifestation. You may often hear the person degrade or insult themselves quite frequently.

You may be familiar with comedians using this type of humor. After all, it's quite funny to hear of another persons struggles. The comedian gets a laugh, and then a rapport is build between them and their audience.

At first glace, this looks like a good strategy, and it is when used in the above setting. But when a person gets dependent on self-deprecation in order to survive socially,then there may be an esteem issue that needs to be dealt with.

Many people battle self esteem issues, yet it goes unnoticed. With self deprecation it is more likely to be heard and seen.

The term "inferiority complex" may come to mind, as a person feels inferior in many social situations. A basic lack of confidence could also be the culprit, as the person feels limited in their abilities. If you find that you are constantly belittling yourself, or your accomplishments then you may want to do a self esteem inventory.

Your physical appearance may even show signs of self-deprecation.

How do you stand? Upright, head held high, shoulders back. Or do you stand protectively with arms crossed, head down, and shoulders bend?

Do you walk confidently into a room, or do you usually slink in and find the nearest corner to occupy?

You do not have to be the life of the party--but you must carry yourself with confidence! And that all starts from within.

Within -- where the work needs to be done. You will have to recognize, and understand, what your core beliefs are about yourself. Then you will have to work on changing them if necessary. Remember, beliefs are not always based on facts.

You may believe that you are inferior, and you are not!

Find out how to increase self esteem , then begin working on it daily. If you put in the work, you will get results!

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best!

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