Self Esteem and
Academic Achievement
Build Teenage Self Esteem
and Help Them Succeed

Self esteem and academic achievement can be greatly enhanced by helping build teen self esteem. Healthy teenage self esteem is a vital part in academic success. Unfortunately, schools today do not usually have a self esteem curriculum build into the schedule for their students.

So, how can you help your teen?

Well, first you need to understand what adverse effect negative self esteem can have on your child’s education. When they do not have the confidence, or the belief in themselves, when they just don’t think that they can “make the grade”, they often don’t even try. And that is the greatest shame, because many students are on the border line of being great, or at least better, students. If they only had a decent foundation of esteem.

To have confidence you must have decent esteem. You must have a higher regard for your abilities. This is a major part of academic achievement and excellence. Low self esteem in teenagers results in their not trusting the abilities that they have. They sit down for a test, and *poof*, they instantly start second guessing everything that they know.

We can easily see it in ourselves, second guess the social situation, our ability to do a project at work, many, many, things. This hinders our potential success. but with a teen, they don’t even get the chance to build a good education to work from. That is why helping teens in overcoming low self esteem is so vital.

How Building Teen Self Esteem
Can Help Their Academic Success

Ok, so we have the why, now lets move to the how.

You don’t need a degree in teen psychology to make a difference in their self esteem and academic achievement.

This is a time when your teen is looking for acceptance, and will gravitate towards any group that may show any hint of it. If that particular group of teens doesn’t think highly on education, then your child probably will take that attitude. Pay attention to their friends and their academic attitude.

This also keeps you informed of other things: drugs, high school bullying, and alcohol abuse. It would also be wise to make a doctors appointment and make sure their adolescent growth and development is on track.

Show your child acceptance. Remember you need to tell them that you love them unconditionally, regardless of looks, actions, or any outside forces. You may not like their choices, and can be disappointed in them, but separate that from being disappointed in your child.

Give honest praise to your teenager. Remember, they pretty much know if you are feeding them a load of bull. So keep it honest and sincere.

You also know that during this time they are less likely to take advice from you, turning to their peers for the information and acceptance that they seek. What they need isn’t more nagging, but another friend, one that will just listen without demanding anything. As soon as they realize that you aren’t demanding anything, they will open up.

Find something that they are good at, and let them go for it. Or, alternatively, find something new that they are interested in and encourage them to try. Give them permission to explore who they want to be, but give them boundaries to do this in.

They may be growing up, but in many ways their maturity level isn’t quite there. They need stability and boundaries.

You have to realize that you are your child’s biggest role model. If you do not have a strong grip on your self esteem then they won’t either. If you know that you need help in improving self esteem then it will help you and your family to pursue this.

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best! Done correctly, you can help your child make the most of their self esteem and academic achievement.

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