Self Esteem and Leadership

Self esteem and leadership are closely linked.

How close?

Just try to lead people without a good dose of esteem and you will quickly find out!

If you Google leadership qualities, you may not find “high self esteem” listed in the top ten. You will find qualities like humility, openness, and assertiveness. (Oh, and a good sense of humor!)

Each of these qualities flourishes when you have healthy esteem.

The previous basic qualities are important in building leadership skills. But, even more interesting is that they will help you to have the ability to mentor others in their quest for obtaining a higher level of self esteem. This is the prime example of leading others.

In today’s job market, with the economy not running at full steam, having every advantage is critical. If you find yourself not having the leadership skills that you desire, then you may want to start with simple self confidence building.

Self esteem starts with good self confidence, all starting from within. The right dress, the right job, all of that is great, but esteem and confidence come from deep within, not the outer fluff.

When you have the self confidence you need, then your thoughts and actions will follow. As this happens, it is only natural that your self esteem should also begin to rise.

In a leadership position, the importance of a healthy self confidence and self esteem is vital. Unfortunately, people will not agree with every decision that you make. Having a low self esteem will keep you second guessing your decisions, potentially bringing future projects to a halt.

A leader must also recognize other leaders within their team. Also, you should be able to see what is needed to help them achieve the greatness that is within them, helping them in building leadership skills as you have done.

Again, if you have problems with your esteem, it will be virtually impossible to help someone else, as you have yet to help yourself.

Self esteem and leadership are a vital part of today’s business world. Remember, this starts with good self confidence!

This isn’t only important in the business world, but in family dynamics as well. After all, we need to be great role models for the next generation as well!

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