Self Esteem and Media
How This Causes
Low Self Esteem Issues


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Self esteem and media has been catapulted into the spotlight. And it hasn’t been lately, this has been an ongoing issue. The impact that the media has had on society’s self esteem is growing dismal by the hour. Most researchers agree that all age groups are impacted in various ways, the majority of them not good.

Children are targeted-toys to own, cereal to eat, styles to wear...the better the brand the happier the child.

Teenagers are targeted--looks, size, popularity, any issue that they may be struggling with is fair game for the media.

Women are targeted--look younger, thinner, better, do more.

Men are targeted--bigger toys, bigger biceps.

Any issue that any group may be struggling with is fair game for the media.

Research marketing spend millions tracking down our insecurities, only to turn those insecurities around to try and make a sale. Do you feel failure as a homemaker? Then check out magazines like Better Home...well, you reinforce the fact that yours isn’t quite good enough. Or Glamour....always something to strive for isn’t there.

And what does this do for your self esteem? Esteem is the value that we place in something. Self esteem, the value we place in our self, is usually measured by how much we think we are desirable to other people. We measure our characteristics that we have against how they are accepted socially and also how they help us to be accepted socially.

If we think that a certain characteristic will help us socially then we perceive it to have a high value. This is all based on our own set of beliefs and opinions.

Now we can see how self esteem and media flow together. The media sets the standard of what is desirable to people. We then take inventory of our life and place the measurement.

Do we do this consciously? No. Yet we can fall into a trap of doing this each time we look at a magazine or watch a movie. Teen self esteem especially takes a hard beating, as this is the time that they are trying to figure out just who they are and what they value.

By what the media puts in front of us, we may come to the conclusion that being young, thin, and beautiful is a prized possession. For women over forty, that now use this as a measure of value, they quickly make an appointment for a botox treatment.

Outside of having the media do a complete about face, the remedy lies within you. You have the power to set your values. This is crucial in developing self esteem.

It will not easy if you struggle with low self esteem issues. You will have to reprogram your thoughts on a daily basis. After all, the media gives you their opinion on a daily basis! You will have to learn to place a high value in yourself. Not because you have some external characteristic, but because you are a person that contributes to society.

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best! Done correctly, you can win the fight between self esteem and media!

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