Self Esteem and Your Daughter

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Self esteem and your daughter is a very important issue. You want to do your best in order to set a foundation of great self esteem.

Self esteem is best defined as the value you have placed in yourself based on your beliefs and concepts. Whether those beliefs are correct or not is irrelevant. The problems that face our daughters today is how main stream media and western society is forming those beliefs. Once a person has accepted a belief or concept, it then becomes part of how they value themselves.

The beliefs, opinions, and concepts that your daughter will make while she is young has a direct relationship with her self esteem or how she values herself as a person. Main stream media is daily, even hourly, molding her belief system, and unfortunately not in a good way. Friends and family can even influence your daughters self esteem.

We can’t isolate our daughters from the opinions of other people It is best that we know what is happening and how it can impact our families. Self esteem is not just a “buzz” word for the year. It is a vital part of your daughter’s emotional health and a crucial part of what determines her conduct.

A strong self esteem can help your daughter handle conflict and it also equips her with the ability to resist the negative influences that the media daily blasts her with. A young lady that can correctly handle the peer pressure will be one that is more happy and secure with herself. One that values herself correctly will not need to seek acceptance through boyfriends or the wrong group of friends.

Her independence will be helped by higher self esteem, as will be handling responsibility, and also the task of facing new challenges. Your daughter will also be able to handle both negative and positive emotions. When she is confident and strong, she should have an easier time handling situations when she finds herself at odds with her friends. This confidence will also help your daughter during any transitional phases.

Lower self esteem can manifests in anxiety and insecurity. Eating disorders, unruly behavior, promiscuity, and drug use can also stem from a low self worth. Your daughter may find it hard in making new friends or in maintaining good grades. When these issues aren’t resolved, it makes the transition into adulthood harder, often seeing a continuation of problematic situations for years.

Self esteem and your daughter is a vital part of her growth, mentally and emotionally. Giving her the ability to have a balanced sense of self worth is the best foundation needed for each stage of her life.

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