Self Esteem Building Activities

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Daily self esteem building activities are a fantastic way to boost your esteem. As with any exercise, incorporating the activities in your daily routine will ensure that you have steady growth.  

What Kind?

There are many types of activities you can choose from, the trick is choosing something that you will do. And of course, choosing an activity that will help boost your esteem in the area that needs boosting! Remember, the secret is in the doing.

First thing is to not be so hard on yourself. Really! Stop tearing yourself down so that you can build yourself up!

Ok, back to the self esteem building activities.

Where to you need help?

Are you shy? Pick a social club, or group that is centered around, say a hobby, or something that you now enjoy. Or, choose something that you would like to learn more about.

When I say social… doesn’t have to be a total party scene. If you are a book lover, find a book club! Just make that first step…..and the next will be easier. Being around people that love the same things you do, well, it’s a nice way to spend an afternoon.

The time will come when you will want to branch out and come out of your comfort zone. But until then, one small step is enough to boost your self esteem!

This next tip….it isn’t so much of an activity, but you will understand. Surround yourself with things that you love. The “activity” part is when you begin to activity chose to do so. Whether it is in the purchase of home décor or how you spend your time, if you don’t love it, don’t do/buy it!

Actively watch your thoughts! Seriously! This is one thing that you can do daily that will have a huge affect on your self confidence and self esteem. Do not use negative language when you are thinking about yourself. N*E*V*E*R

Make a choice to live in a more positive way.

Positive people, entertainment, books, thoughts……you get the picture. You don’t realize how quickly you adapt to your surroundings. If the majority of how you spend your time is negative, then you slowly become negative. That breeds a lower self esteem.

As you can tell, self esteem building activities are more about daily choices than anything else. But, you have to chose, then do!

You can choose to have better self esteem, but until you start doing, you will never achieve it!

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