Self Esteem Building Exercises
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Self esteem building exercises can easily be found on the internet. It would seem that if the exercises and tips are easy to find, applying and building your self esteem will be a easy thing to do.

Google……find…..and ~B*I*N*G*O~ instant self esteem!

If only things were that easy.

Self esteem stems from your thoughts about yourself. Basically how you value yourself based on your personal beliefs and opinions. To raise your esteem, you will need to change your thought pattern, which essentially a change of habit.

Now you know why it isn't quite as easy as first believed.

There are some self esteem building exercises that you can do that will start this process though. One small change at a time and you are developing a great foundation!

For enhancing your self esteem try the following:

Exercise! Another reason to exercise. Yes, it really does make a difference! If you need to, start with just a ten minute workout, then gradually build up. Do ten minutes in the morning, and then maybe walk for ten minutes in the evening. If you get 2 or 3 sets of ten minutes workouts in your day you are getting the same benefit as putting in a 30 minute workout!

When you see that you can accomplish this goal, you will be motivated to do more. You will begin to make healthier food choices, you will mentally feel better, reap healthy benefits, and succeed in obtaining your goals!

Second tip: Set Goals! Goals broken down into small obtainable steps can greatly enhance your esteem. Get serious, break them up, and get busy! Reward your self as you reach them. Don’t break the bank, but have some fun!

Be thankful! Get a small notebook and keep it by your bedside. Before bed, write down something that happened during your day that went well. A goal that was met, project done, time well spent….. these are all events that you could jot down in your notebook. You can start the next day by looking at all the things that are going well for you. What a boost!!!

Spend time doing something that you love. This is self explanatory. You love it, then take the time to do it!

The hardest part will be in the doing. So go ahead and get busy!

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