Self Esteem Exercises

Self esteem exercises are more than the easily said “Think positively”, or “Love Yourself”. It’s all good advice, yet, if it was that simple we would all have healthy esteem.

It takes more than repeating simple statements to improve your mental health. Yet, spending money and countless hours sitting with a therapist isn’t in someone’s schedule, or budget.

What then works?

Let’s start at the beginning. Self-esteem is the value you have of yourself based on your beliefs and opinions. Most of these were formed before the age of 6! (Statics show that 85% of our opinions of ourself are ingrained before the age of 6.)

Exercise #1

Ask yourself these questions.

What belief did you learn about yourself from your Mother? (All beliefs, negative and positive.)

What belief did you learn about yourself from your Dad?

Now ask the same questions, but think about family and friends.

Important Question: What beliefs do you still hold to be true?

Of the beliefs that are not productive, which need to be changed?

Write new positive facts to replace negative non-factual beliefs!

Exercise #2

On a piece of paper, write down everything that you can think of that you have succeeded at. And I mean everything, no matter how small or insignificant, write it down. Do not short change yourself with this exercise. A young person that has just graduated high school (without honors) should have a page of accomplishments. Use this self esteem exercise to brag!

When you are done, you should have a stronger since of pride in yourself and all that you have accomplished.

Exercise #3

To be done during your day. Buy yourself a ring, watch, bracelet, wrist band…. Something you can take on and off. As you think of good, productive thoughts, or change your thoughts from the negative to the positive, move your band to the other hand. Pay attention, try and move it once in the morning, afternoon, and the evening. Then try for twice during that time. A goal…so many great thoughts that you wear out your band!

Remember, as with any exercise, the more you exercise the greater the benefit! The same with these self esteem exercises…

So, get to work!

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