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Self esteem games can be a fantastic way to have fun with your child and help build their esteem at the same time! Children only know what they have been taught. Games are a great way to teach them!

Spending quality time with your youngster is one of the best things that you can do to give them a great sense of self-worth while boosting esteem, all while playing games.

As adults, you have the availability of numerous ways of developing self esteem. Young children don’t understand the concept of esteem, nor how to improve it. Games offer a way to involve a child while not focusing attention to the fact that something needs improving.

This helps leads the child to a more positive thought pattern, and to be more accepting of oneself and others.

Children with lower esteem issues are reluctant to face new challenges and possibly have trouble interacting with their age group. You may also see a child act out more and even have social anxiety, not wanting to engage in regular games with their age group.

Here are some games to help boost their esteem.

When You Grow Up Games

Start this self esteem game by asking the first child what he wants to be when he grows up.

A good example: A Fireman!

From this point, you say everything positive that you can about their choice. Use positive wording.

“A fireman! Wonderful!” “Why such an exciting choice?”

In asking them why, you can then take their response and make a positive statement about it.

(Remember, the younger the child, the sillier you can be, yet still retain the concept of this game.)

They may respond that they like the red fire trucks. You then can say:

“You would make a great fireman because you really love those trucks!”

With older children, you can work in their characteristics, or their strengths, like compassion, or

Sticker Games

Children, especially preschoolers, love stickers! You are going to need some for this game.

Have the children sit in a circle. Make a statement of something you like about yourself.

“I have brown hair. I really love my brown hair.” (You could even give a reason why)….. “Because my dad has the same brown hair.”

Then start asking your students, or child…..

“What do you like about you?”

Make sure you give a positive comment about their choice!

(Depending on their age, they may need some help, or they may all say exactly what you said. Help them pick something about themselves.)

Then, give them a sticker. You can go around your circle once or twice, whatever time allows.

Throughout the remainder of the day, remind them of why they received their sticker!

I Think Game

For older children.

Hand out strips of paper and have them write out positive statements about themselves. No names allowed on the strips.

Put them in a box, bowl, or hat.

You can do a couple of things with these. Pick out a strip, read it, and have the class guess who wrote it. (Remember, no names, so it could possibly fit a number of students.)

Or, have one student come up and draw a strip and read it. This can be a great ice breaker as you could have a petite girl read “I am a great football player!”

(You may want to read the strips and take out any that are inappropriate.)

Self esteem, whether positive or negative, begins forming at a very early age. Self esteem games can be a fun way to start your children thinking more positively about themselves.

So decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best! And while you are at it, have some fun playing games! Self esteem games are the best way to raise your child's esteem!

Have A Great Game You Would Like to Add?

Share it! We would love to collect as many games to help build self esteem in the younger generation as we can!

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