What Are Self Esteem Issues:
Emotional Insecurity
or a bad self image?
How do you handle self-loathing
or deal with loneliness?

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Self esteem issues are a fact of life. If an easy definition of self esteem is the value that we hold of our self, then we all can say that at one time or another, our perceived value wasn’t that great!

That’s OK. Some people can easily get over the low points in their life. Then again, it may be a major obstacle to overcome. When low self esteem can’t be easily reversed, the door is now open for several other medical situations to set in.

It may have started with a bad self image, or maybe poor teen self esteem. It could have been an abusive home life, or verbal abuse, well…the list can go on. Many things can make a person de-valve themselves, and when it is said and done, a person may be left with more than just low esteem.

Even the pressures of everyday life can effect your self esteem. Some people suffer from anxiety attacks. If you do, then you may want to look for treatments for anxiety disorders and panic attacks before you begin building your esteem up. Remember to start from the ground up for a good foundation that will last!


Low esteem is one thing to deal with, but self-loathing is an somewhat different issue. Otherwise known as self-hated, it’s defined the same. An intense dislike of ones self. It is hard to imagine hating yourself. And the next step would be a dislike of others, after all, if you can’t love, or at least like yourself, how will you like other people! Some people may even deal with a bad body image.

You might have struggles with self esteem and relationship issues. This can tie in with the above statement about self-loathing. If you can’t like yourself, how can you have a decent relationship with someone else? This also encompasses family and friend relationships.

Depression and low self esteem can often go hand in hand. My strongest statement here is that if you think you suffer with depression, you should make an appointment with your family doctor to rule out other causes.

Dealing with Loneliness

Dealing with loneliness can trigger bouts with low esteem. It can be an extreme of losing a loved one or feeling alienated from a group. You can even be in a relationship or surrounded by friends and family and feel very alone.

Emotional Insecurity

Are you afraid, afraid of being unloved. Afraid of being unaccepted. Afraid that your abilities won't be good enough. Then you may be dealing with emotional insecurity. Every thing becomes an emotional issue, from dealing with criticism to handling confrontation. Usually a person becomes so focused on the emotional part that they never get to deal with the root cause. When you throw in a situation where you have to deal with a person that has a passive aggressive personality, self esteem issues can become almost to much to handle!


Hating one's self seems like an overly simplistic answer to "What is self-hatred? and, really, it is. Self-hatred is a low self esteem issue that has deeper implications than just saying "I hate myself."

self esteem issues

High Self-Esteem

You are probably asking how high self-esteem can be a bad thing. Usually it isn't, but when it goes into over inflated self esteem, then there can be plenty of issues. Controlling issues...ego issues...and even blindness!


Comedians use self-deprecation self-deprecation to illicit laughs. Other people use it as a coping mechanism. The sad part is it can still be funny-the only person suffering is the one with the low self esteem. Another self esteem issue comes when dealing with abused women. A woman in this situation has a very serious situation to deal with. Again, my strongest statement here is to seek help immediately. The longer a woman stays in this relationship, the more damage that can be done, both physically and mentally. On an emotional level, verbal abuse can cause terrible damage, even thought she may not show outward signs.

It is always good to try and boost low self esteem, but with self esteem issues, a person may need to look at other issues and how to correct them before her esteem can be helped.

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