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Self esteem lesson plans are a great way to incorporate aspects of self esteem building into your daily lesson plans. Whether you are a teacher in public school or you are involved in youth activities, you will find something that can help you achieve this goal.


Experts agree that a child’s elders play a very crucial part in the development if their self esteem. Not only parents, but teachers, coaches, and family members all have a role during this time.  

You are aware that as a child grows older, they are often more susceptible to lower self esteem. It is then wise for teachers to add to their self esteem lesson plans, emphasizing confidence and belief in oneself. Those in education realize that it is not solely the responsibility of the teacher. But unfortunately, a positive atmosphere were good esteem is nurtured at home, isn’t always the case.  

When you then add in the cruelty of other children, a child’s esteem plummets. These children may turn out to be the most difficult to teach.  

The self esteem lesson plans that we have here are made to help you in this situation. We hope they will be able to find validation elsewhere, but until they are able to do so, feel free to use these lesson plans.  

What these self esteem lesson plans aim for is in aiding the child to find self respect and to care for themselves.  

A teacher that has this impact on a child is one that the child fondly remembers as an adult that had concern for them and made a profound difference in their life.  

Many lesson plans have added esteem building activities. Pay close attention to any plans you may be using and expound on the esteem activities that you may already have!  


The Self Esteem Lesson Plans are good for all ages:

Making a Collage of the "Theme"- Lesson Plans  


· to create a collage


· to express or represent a feeling or value in a collage


· use any or a combination of materials including: pencils, pens, pastels, crayon, cutout pictures and paste, to illustate the "theme" 

· Each child can evaluate and discuss works created in the group or displayed on the site with other students.


· A variety of materials: magazine pictures, scissors, paste, pencils , pencils, pastels, paints and crayons.  


Journal Work Lesson Plans

Have them start a personal inventory journal! The object is to get them to understand their likes and dislikes, that they are good at some things and not so good at others, and -- it's all ok!

School Subjects

1. I like ______________.
2. I do not like ________________.
3. I am good at __________________.
4. I am not good at _______________.
5. I am good at this subject, but I do not like it: ____________.
6. I am not good at this subject, but I like it: _______________.


1. I like __________________.
2. I do not like ________________.
3. I am good at _________________.
4. I am not good at _________________.
5. I am good at this activity, but I do not like it: _________.
6. I am not good at this activity, but I like it: ____________.
7. I prefer being involved in individual activities _____ or group activities ___. (Check one.)

Food Preferences

1. I like to eat ____________.
2. I do not like to eat __________.
3. I do ____ do not _____ eat a balanced diet. (Check one.)


1. I relax by __________.
2. I like relaxing alone _____
or with other people ____. (Check one.)
3. After this activity, I always feel calm and peaceful. _______________.


The Compliment Game-Lesson Plans

Have each child draw the name of a classmate and then ask them to write down something they like about that classmate.

After reviewing all the compliments, making sure all are appropriate, read them aloud to the class (anonymously if you like). This will surely remind them of what makes them special and unique.

You can add your own compliment to this, save them, put in a nice folder and give to the child at the end of the year!

It is easy to incorporate self esteem lesson plans in your daily routine, or even to simply tweek what you do have to help your students gain esteem.

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