What Is The Self Esteem Theory?
Can it Help Your
Low Self Esteem?

The self esteem theory is so much more than a feel good, self serving, money making rip off pushed by self help gurus in order to line their pockets with our cash.

Self esteem is the value that you hold of yourself, your sense of self-worth.

Abraham Maslow argued many years ago, that humans have a hierarchy of needs with self esteem falling right in the middle of this hierarchy. To achieve self-actualization, or our full potential, we must first meet our basic needs, and then this will allow for our potential to be great.

Another self esteem theory held by Mark Leary and his colleagues (1999) is that self esteem has become a measure of how desirable we are to other people. This can be influenced by our self esteem. You measure the characteristics that you have against how they are accepted socially, and also how they help you to be accepted socially.

If you deem that a certain characteristic will help you socially then you give that a high value. The more positive characteristics that you have, the more likely you will be accepted socially and the greater your self esteem.

The problem with this type of measuring? Unfortunately, some let society dictate what is valuable. Thereby influencing their self worth.

Most theories have a hard time explaining the purpose of self esteem to the fullest. But that does not matter. If you don’t feel that you have any worth or value, you will be pretty miserable and low self esteem will develop.

Opposite that is the feel good, self centered, over-inflated high self-esteem. that brings it’s own set of negative issues. Don’t get to caught up with any particular self esteem theory. What is needed is a balance, aim for a good, healthy esteem.

If you need to take a quick self esteem inventory to get a better grasp on your esteem, then you should do so as soon as possible. From there you will be better able to assess if you need help in improving self esteem or, maybe you just need to use some daily self esteem affirmations to keep your esteem on the right track.

There are many articles on self esteem that can be beneficial as well as self confidence courses that are relatively inexpensive, which can help you obtain your goal. The self help is out there, you just will need to look for something that interests you and that you will do.

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best! Done correctly, you can put the self esteem theory to good use!

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