What is Self-Loathing?
Is it a low self esteem issue
or a bad self image?
How can you improve it?

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Self-loathing, even the word sounds terrible. Loathing brings to mind disgust or an intense aversion of yourself or your many attributes. Or, in short, to hate yourself.

Sounds sad doesn’t it? And it is. There is enough against you in this world without you being against yourself.

This can make you feel alone, probably like you are the only one in the world that feels quite like this. But that isn't true. There are no boundaries with self-loathing, everyone can battle with this, no matter the lifestyle or education.

So, why and how would you end up at the place where you hate yourself? It could have started in your childhood or as an adult, especially if you are in any type of abusive relationship. At any rate, where ever the thoughts were picked up, self-loathing needs to be dealt with.

Do you deserve to be hated? No.

Do you deserve the pain? No.

There are some that would say they aren’t in pain, yet spend time, money, and resources trying to bury the very pain that they deny. Drugs, alcohol, even eating-or not eating- could be forms of denial. I must interject here, these would be major cases of low self esteem, not the average.

It may seem strange, but, as with most things, the first step in recovery is acknowledging that you have a problem with self loathing. And why acknowledge it? Easy. The harder you fight against something in your life, the stronger it becomes.

The next would be to uncover exactly why you have such strong feelings of disgust. Why do you have such symptoms of low self esteem These self esteem exercises can help you dig out long held beliefs that you may have, beliefs that may not necessarily be true.

Then once you find the , you can begin the healing process. At this point you will want to be improving self esteem, a little bit each day.

Never think that it is a situation that can be changed overnight. Yes it can be changed, but you will need to work at it daily!

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