Teen Self Esteem
Why Is It Important?

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Teen self esteem – the value that they hold of themselves, based on their beliefs and opinions. These beliefs can be correct, or just as often, incorrect.

Your teen has a since of self-worth, a set value that they have of themselves. This is influenced by factors that, for the most part, cannot be controlled.

Example? Their beliefs can be based on what others think of them! How sad!

When their perceived value is low, when they don’t “esteem” themselves worthy in a particular area, they become susceptible to various problems.

This is a time when your teen is looking for acceptance. If there is any reason as to why they would feel left out of a group, non-athletic, or maybe has a slower learning curve, these may make them feel inadequate, which lowers esteem.

Teens will go to extreme lengths in order to feel accepted. Unfortunately, those lengths are not always the best choice. Alcohol and teenagers is one paring that a parent dreads, as is experimenting with drugs and sex.

Lower self esteem and depression often go together also. With teenage girls self esteem issues you may find eating disorders are all to common.

High school bullying is a classic form of low self esteem! And, in today’s society, it is girls as well as guys. In most cases, both the bully and the one being bullied can suffer from lower self-worth

Mother-daughter or father-son relationships now tend to be overly strained. But if you have read anything on teen psychology, you know that during this time they are less likely to take advice from you, turning to their peers for the information and acceptance that they seek. So, dealing with the self esteem of your teen can be a bit tricky.

(When talking to your teen about their self esteem, remember, they perceive their opinions as stone cold solid fact! And it does no good to argue with someone about facts!)

But, let me emphasize, do not give up! Your teen needs, and wants, your support and help. When you get to the point of not knowing what to do, and then doing nothing, your teen may think that you don’t care enough to do anything.

Confusing, YES! This is the most confusing and frustrating time for parents of teens. Yet, it is the most rewarding. As your child transitions into an adult, you have this wonderful opportunity to move from parent to friend.

Building a good foundation of teen self esteem during this adolescent growth and development time period will enable this transition to be somewhat smoother. It will help them to make the correct choices when faced with peer pressure and deal with the emotional stress that they often have.

Even while projecting the attitude that they don’t care about our thoughts, teens need the stability of acceptance from those closest to them. Only when we show our acceptance, can we then help.

Trouble Spots

Your teen’s appearance. Yep, at this age, appearance really counts. With both boys and girls, but--a teenage girls self esteem is especially sensitive during this time, as looks can seem the most important feature in young girls.

Friends. Their peers can be the most encouraging or the most discouraging people that they spend the most time with.

Parents. Oops, yes, you can be the cause of trouble if you put your teen down constantly, or only offer negative critisim. Other authority figures can contribute as well to low teen self esteem.

The best help you can give your teen would be as a model. This is a great example of leading by doing. If they have a weight issue, then be encouraging, workout with them, don’t just nag. If there is an appearance trouble spot, help them to work on it, or help them learn to make the best of it!

These are traits that your teen will need to learn!

When you acknowledge their accomplishments, give praise where praise is due, when you listen to them and then give words of encouragement, this is the absolute best way to increase teen self esteem.

Also, see if your self esteem needs a makeover before you try and raising your teens!

Again, lead by example.

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