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What are some therapeutic activities on self esteem? If you are looking for some self help tips on how to build your esteem, then you have taken the first step towards overcoming this troublesome issue.

As small children we all had a wonderful sense of self worth. We were the center of our world, and we thought everyone else’s world. As we began growing, and paying attention to the conversations that we heard around us, our self esteem slowly began to erode.

The problem was that we weren’t taught how to keep our esteem healthy, or to build it back once it began to slip. Now, as adults, you are left with the task of not only dealing with lower self esteem, but finding a way to build it back up.

There are some things that you can do to help this process. You can find self help groups, therapy, books, and online courses, all geared to improving self esteem These therapeutic activities can and will help!

The goal will be to choose one that you will do. After all it won’t do any good to go and buy the #1 best selling self help book if you know you won’t take the time to really read it.

Some therapeutic activities on self esteem that can help you are journal writing and self esteem affirmations. I know, this sounds over simplistic, but these two techniques can be of an extreme benefit when your goal is in raising your self esteem.

Other therapeutic activities on self esteem include journal work. In your journal you need to start writing down your core beliefs. This isn’t an exercise where you are going to write down every belief that you have. It is a therapeutic activity where you work to find the problem, then work through the problem --- towards the solution.

What needs to happen is this: When you have a negative thought about yourself, write it in your journal. Next, start thinking about why you have that belief and then challenge it.


Negative thought-- I am not a valuable person because I don’t make xxxx amount of money.

Core Belief--Relative or family continually stating that people making a lower income are lazy, or of lesser status.

Challenge It--Is this a true statement? No! There are many people that do not make large amounts of money, yet they are very valuable. Does this belief help you? No!

Now that you have uncovered this belief, (who said these therapeutic activities would be easy?!) you challenge it on a daily level. When you think this thought, you can quickly dismiss it as not true! You will have to do this continually for awhile, but as this negative belief took root, you new positive one will also, given time.

Your journal will be the place where you record your beliefs and challenges. You can then watch as each negative belief is found and overcome! What a wonderful feeling!!

Decide today--to work! Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best! And you will be well on your way with these therapeutic activities found on self esteem!

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