What is Self Efficacy? Is It The Same As Self Esteem?

What is self efficacy? Self efficacy is the belief in ones capabilities to organize and execute the course of action required to manage prospective situations. (Bandura 1995 pg 2 Self-Efficacy in Changing Society.)

Self-efficacy has a direct influence in the choices and goals that we make and how we go about achieving those goals. A person with high self-efficacy has the attitude that they can and will get the job done. They have the ability to see the whole picture, plan, and execute what is needed to achieve the goal.

Self efficacy is different from self esteem in that self efficacy is a belief in a persons abilities, whereas self esteem is the value that one holds of themselves.

Most successful people have a high dose of self efficacy. It isn't required, but in order to be successful it would be to your benefit to build your efficacy up. These people look at a challenging task as something to be mastered. They recover more quickly from setbacks and have a deep sense of commitment to complete a task.

Just the opposite holds true for those that have less self-efficacy. They have a hard time recovering from setback, usually do not form commitments in completing tasks, and look at challenges as something that they cannot see through. They simply do not believe they have the ability to master things.

So now that you have an answer to "What is self efficacy", how can you boost it? Four things are suggested.

Master your experiences. Performing task successfully will strengthen your sense of efficacy. It is strongly suggested that you build up in your tasks, as failing can weaken it.

Learn from other people. When you see other people accomplish their goals it gives you the belief that you can accomplish your goals also.

Positive attitude, from you and others. An encouraging word has helped many people to accomplish the impossible. Enlist people that you know will be a positive help to verbally encourage you. This will help you overcome self doubt and have you focus on the task instead.

Learn to perceive your tasks correctly, not as dreaded challenges that you cannot complete, but as a series of smaller goals that can easily be achieved. Keep the correct attitude, so that your emotional response to them won't be negative.

By working in these four areas, you should begin to raise your self-efficacy and self -esteem.

Now that you have answered the question "What is self efficacy" You have begun to build your knowledge and are well on your way to developing great success.

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