What Is Self Esteem?

Have you asked your self "What is self esteem" ?

Good question! And I am sure you would like to know if self esteem really is worth all the buzz lately?

In a nut shell "YES"!

Self esteem, the value that a person perceives of themselves and their value to the world, is based on their beliefs and opinions that they have acquired of their self over time. These beliefs and opinions can be correct, or more often, incorrect, and either view has a direct basis on the value.

What self esteem is not -- the feel good, self serving, money making rip off pushed by self help gurus in order to line their pockets with your cash. The self esteem theory is a valid part of your mental health.

This perception, when correct, actually gives a person permission to be happy, or confident. This is only one definition of self esteem, among many. It can also be stated as a correct feeling of pride or of a person's ego strength.
Value, as in any field, can be a true measure. In this field, where you measure your self worth, value can also be overrated, or in the case of low self esteem, underrated.

This is where things get crazy.....and what most of the buzz is about.

Overrated value, well, we have all seen an inflated ego before!

Underrated value..... unfortunately this is the most damaging, often leading to self esteem issues. Self esteem, as a topic in and of itself, has only recently been around, (since the 1980s). Ask any person born before, say….. 1965, if esteem was a topic discussed around their dinner table. I would think not!

Just image the Cleaver family having a dinner discussion about improving self esteem with Beaver! I am sure the question "What is self esteem, Dad?" or even how to build self esteem never came up during there dinner time!

Up until that time, a person's worth was basically measured by how hard they worked. Once the media stepped into the picture, a person's body-image, job, family……all came under direct fire. What once could be perceived simply, now became a quagmire of media images contributing to our beliefs and opinions.

And all of this has a direct bearing on your self-concept. Self-concept, self esteem…… it can all seem the same, but they are not. Self-concept is what you understand about your self, your unchanging characteristics.

Identity and self esteem became a money game for mass media and a new catch phrase for therapists. Both make millions either consciously or sub-consciously molding our opinions.

And what is self efficacy? These terms all have to do with your mental health, and they are not all the same!

Looks like you may have quite a lot of reading to do!

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best! After all, you now have some answers to "What is Self Esteem?

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