What Motivates You?

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Do you know what motivates you?

Maybe you have decided that you need to jump start your self esteem. That is a great decision, but do not stop there. What is needed next is action, as fast as possible. Put some work behind your decision and you will find that spark that you are looking for.

The problem that most of us have is not in seeing and acknowledging a problem, but we have problems moving forward to correct the issue. Knowing that you have lower self esteem is a starting point, but that alone will not get you to where you want to be. And with anything, a good start makes for a better finish.

Let’s look at a couple of things that you can do that will help in motivating you. Motivation is what empowers you to reach your goal. Motivation is a crucial key, it is what keeps you going when you want to stop. It also acts like a snowball....motivation gets action, which gets results, which creates more motivation....then action....and then results.

What motivates you? This will be different for everyone. There is no right or wrong answer, only what motivates you, what really gets your juices flowing. People are motivated by desires or by fears. For boosting your self esteem, please don’t use anything negative, like fear or pain. That would really be starting off on the wrong foot! Using things that are negative can hinder your progress by always keeping that situation in your mind. When you do not see the change that you want fast enough, it then becomes a de-motivater.

When you find what personally motivates you, anything is possible. Look through these and see if any work. If not, use them as a spring board to find your motivator.

Personal Growth: You may have an image of who you want to be already in your head. Great! Embrace it, live it, and become it. If you do not, take some time to find out who you want to be! Write out a list of things that you would like people to say or think about you. There is your target for growth. Now become that person.

Profession: You may need to boost your self esteem in the work field. Bosses like people that are self assured and go-getter's. Use this as motivation. Better self-esteem...better job recognition. Focus on one area. Don’t try to be a jack of all trades, barely adequate at many things, but master of nothing. Focus your energy in one area, learn and move to another.

Relationships: Most of us have relationships that could be better. You could possibly be new to the dating game after a long period of time. Whatever the reason, low self esteem can really be a bummer. But, finding that great relationship or making a relationship that you are in better can be a fantastic motivator.

One exercise that I have done is to take a piece of paper, and just start writing. Start with the subjects I listed above. Write about your job, relationships, areas that you would like to see a positive change. When you write that one sentence, the one that makes your stomach catch, there is your motivator, there is your spark. Honestly, I have had more than one that has done me that way.

So, what motivates you?

From relationships to personal growth, motivators are everywhere. Write them down, place them where you can see and read them. You want to remember why you are working to better yourself. Find that spark that will jump start your journey! Remember, a great start can make all the difference!

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