Women's Self Esteem
Is It More Than Just
Media Influence on Body Image?

Women's self esteem is bombarded daily with the media in various forms, showing us their interpretation of beauty. Beautiful bodies, home, decor, perfect families with a wonderful 9 to 5 job. Is it any wonder why we have low self esteem?

Self esteem is the value that we place in our self. This value is based on our opinions and beliefs, some of which were formed before we even realized what was going on! How can that be? Well, research has show that our personality, and characteristics.....what we think of our self, is 80% formed by the age of 6! We absorb what is around us and that molds us.

Opinions of what beauty is; big, small, light, dark...opinions of what happiness is; high paying job, perfect family......opinions of what good ladies are supposed to do; marry, not marry, work, not work.....these all work together, usually ending up in major self esteem issues.

All that we hear, see, and experience, shapes our life. We subscribe to Better Home and Garden because ours isn’t quite good enough, we struggle with the ideal body image because a perfect body is how the media usually shows a perfect women. And constantly the media’s influence is there.

Other Factors that Effect Women's Self Esteem

Can women’s self esteem ever be strong enough that we are happy and self confident no matter what our size is, our marital status, our job description?

Can we fight the media's influence on body image? This influences every aspect of our lives!

Yes! But it won’t be easy. It isn’t a quick fix.

As with most things that we struggle with, first we have to realize that there is a struggle. Some women have a strong ego strength, and I applaud those that do. But for others, for whatever reason, this is a serious issue. And it effects more than just the woman dealing with low self esteem. It effects family, relationship, and work.

How many women do you know of that are in toxic relationships? Or end up with eating disorders because they want the ideal body image. How about women that have a hard time dealing with criticism?

Would they say that they are in an unhealthy condition because of low self esteem? Usually not. That’s why it is so important to recognize this issue, and then work to change it!

Some of us are having to work towards a healthy self esteem while dealing with people who are passive aggressive.

If you have this situation in your life, you know that it can be confusing and potentiality harmful to your esteem. You should learn how to best handle these types of people in order to keep your sanity!

If you find your self esteem or self image isn’t where it needs to be, then get to work, work on improving self esteem or improving self image You may can find a good self confidence courses or possibly hire a personal coach. If nothing else, go to the library and get a couple of self help books to get you started!

Here’s another tip, find some affirmations just for women, and work them into your daily routine. Post them, say them, make them your thoughts. You can start right now, this very minute. You don’t have deal with women’s self esteem issue, well~not the low esteem part anyway!

Nonverbal communication:body language and posture is another area that can be influenced by a women's self esteem. And, self esteem can be shown through them also. You may need to read up on examples of body language and see if you can learn a better way of presenting yourself.

There are many facets to our esteem. When you begin the journey of building a new foundation, don't get overwhelmed. Focus on one area, improve it, then move to the next!

Decide today – to work. Work at doing your best, being your best, and accepting the best! Done correctly, a women's self esteem will be fantastic!

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