Your Childs Self Esteem

Your childs self esteem and the importance of helping them build a great foundation and keep it should be something that you work on daily.

The importance of your child having a healthy self esteem is key in equipping them to function well in society. Self esteem is the value that you place in yourself based on your beliefs and concepts, whether correct or not. High self esteem will help your child to be strong and confident, easily making friends and able to handle the everyday challenges that face all of us.

These are all things that we want for our child, yet we may be confused about the best way in raising well adjusted children. To much praise, especially praise that is not earned or superficial, could lead to a child that is self centered and shallow. So, how do you find the right balance in order to have a child with good self esteem and not one that is selfish and arrogant?

Be quick to give honest, earned praise. Try and have a balance with both of your praise and corrective statements. We sometimes fall into a trap of only stating things that need to be corrected or things that are more negative. Be on the lookout for the good and share this with your child. Give them plenty of encouraging words. Children replay both the good and the bad that is said to them, make sure that they have more good to replay than bad.

Teach your child early to make positive statements about themselves. Research has found that negative self talk contributes to anxiety and lower self esteem. This is a very good habit to instill in your child early on. Also teach them to look for the good in situations. When combined with positive self talk, it helps keep their self esteem high. Examples could be, “We lost today, but I played my best.”, or “This problem is hard, but if I keep trying I will get it.”.

You can also help strengthen your childs self esteem by being a good role model. Studies have shown that the higher a parent’s self esteem is, the higher the child's will be. This is an excellent area where you want your child to follow your example in your actions. Do not teach them to correct by criticism or ridicule. You are your child’s first teacher so take the time, be attentive, and teach them well.

Let them know, often, that they are important and that you love them. When you incorporate these tips into your daily life, your child self esteem will have a better chance of being the best it can be.

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